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TOPIC: emacs mac set default font

emacs mac set default font 4 months 2 weeks ago #196035

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emacs mac set default font



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The most important info first. Here’s how to change the default font in your InitFile: use M-x customize-face to customize the default face.. Inspecting and Changing Fonts. Use `S-down-mouse-1’ or `M-x menu-set-font’ to see the font and fontset menu.Emacs starts with the startup fontset.GoodFontsBuffer
I can't set Inconsolata as default font in Emacs 24.4 Linux. I changed the font in the menu -> Save options. The font changed but after a restart the font is the same as it was by default. Added
You can set the font faces via: M-x customize-faces and type default when prompted Customize face (...): There's an option to Save for Future Sessions which will write to your custom.el file, so the face will be set next time you run Emacs.. There are two distributions which are popular. Carbon Emacs (The Traditional) ; Aquamacs (The more Mac like); Both are excellent binary distributions.
This page shows you how to set font for emacs. How to change font size. Alt+x text-scale-adjust, then press 【+】 to increase, 【-】 to decrease. You can press them repeatedly. Press【0】 to set it back to default size. Press any key to exit. Or, Alt+x text-scale-increase.
M-x customize-face RET default will allow you to set the face default face, on which all other faces base on. There you can set the font-size. Here is what is in my .emacs. actually, color-theme will set the basics, then my custom face setting will override some stuff. the custom-set-faces is written by emacs's customize-face mechanism:
I'm using Emacs 23.2. When I change the default font using Options --> Set Default Font... it correctly switches to the font that I select. I then do Options --> Save Options to make it permanent. It writes a stanza to the end of my .emacs, but it's empty, doesn't contain anything about the font.
Emacs 24 has the command mouse-set-font that does the same thing..emacs. You can create new fontsets in you .emacs file. Usually this is not necessary because you can just switch to the standard fontset. If you are using NT Emacs, you can either check the NT Emacs FAQ (see OnlineResources) or read FontSetsForNTEmacs.
I'm using emacs 23.2.1 with quack on Linux and trying to set my default typeface to Inconsolata Medium 13. It is installed on my system (debian sid) and can be set manually per buffer in emacs. H...
21.8 Fonts. By default, Emacs displays text on graphical displays using a 10-point monospace font. There are several different ways to specify a different font: Click on ‘ Set Default Font ’ in the ‘ Options ’ menu. This makes the selected font the default on all existing graphical frames.
(set-face-attribute 'default nil :font "DejaVu Sans Mono") The only drawback is that it won't work in daemon mode. To enable the same font for emacsclient frames, you can do:

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