Information for PNG Citizens

Papua New Guinea citizens residing in Australia are requested to note the following information.

New Passports

To be lodged with PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service, Waigani

The following documentation will be required:-

· Photocopy of expired passport pages

· 2 recent passport photographs to be certified by Pastor/Commissioner of Oaths/Lawyer

· PNG Passport Application Form

· Self-addressed Express Mail Envelope

· Bank cheque for K100.00

Lost/Stolen Passport

With lost or stolen passports, the matter must be reported immediately to the local Police Station.

The following documentation must then be submitted to Kundu Canberra/Sydney or Brisbane soon after:-

· A letter explaining circumstances, date/time, location where passport was lost or stolen, including efforts made to recover the document, and

· Attach a Police Report.

The relevant Kundu Office will contact you and advise the next course of action.


Dependents holding PNG/Australian Passports

Children of mixed PNG/Australian parents who hold both PNG and Australian passports are to note that before the child reaches 18 years of age, a decision on whether the child is to hold one or the other passport must be made.

Possession of both the PNG/Australian passports after the child has reached 18 years of age is illegal and an offence under the PNG Passports Act.

If the holder decides to hold the Australian passport, the PNG passport must be surrendered to Kundu Canberra/Sydney or Brisbane.


The Government of Papua New Guinea encourages its citizens residing overseas to register with the local PNG Diplomatic Mission or Post soon after arriving in that country.

Citizens affected are Permanent Residents, Holders of PNG Passports on various Australian visas and students studying in Australia.

The PNG Diplomatic Mission/Post will need the information you provide to represent and/or visit you in the event you are arrested, harmed by local officials or are a victim of violence, and where appropriate contact your family in PNG on your behalf.

Citizens are therefore encouraged to fill in the Registration Certificate and lodge it with your nearest PNG Diplomatic Mission/Post.

Remember, if you do not register, assistance and support may be slow because your identity has to be verified with relevant Authorities in PNG and this may take weeks.

Visitors on short-term visits (up to 3 months stay) such as Tourists, Visiting Relatives and similar visas are not required to register.

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